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Mechanical 3D Puzzle UGEARS Safe

ID: 861523  |  Weight: 1.2 kg
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USD 55,00
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Description|Technical Articles

Product Information: 

UGEARS Safe is a mechanical 3D puzzle, a self-assembly model with no glue or any special tools (the parts are ready-made and can be simply removed from the board). To be assembled according to the manual.


  • Real safe with combination lock (3-number combination). 
  • Apart from being a nice gift, you may place one more gift inside it and then lock it.
  • One may try guessing the combination by rotating the handle and listening to the sounds it makes – it may become an amusing game for you and your friends.
  • You may open the safe by entering the secret combination that is provided with the model.
  • The combination cannot be used to unlock another safe.

Unlocking the Safe

  • First, set the code lock to zero: rotate the handle counterclockwise (to the left) once or twice. Now you may enter the comobination:
    1. Rotate the handle counterclockwise (to the left) till the first number from 1 to 9. Stop there.
    2. Rotate the handle clockwise (to the right) till you get 0. After you pass through 0 continue rotating the handle to the right till you get the second number from 1 to 9. Stop there.
    3. Rotate the handle counterclockwise (to the left) once again till you get the third combination number.
  • If the combination is correct, when you enter the third number the safe will make a cracking sound and open.
  • Short instructions: rotate left till the first number, rotate right through zero till the second number, rotate left till the third number.

Locking the Safe

  • To lock the safe again just close the door, rotate the handle counterclockwise (to the left) and the lock will close.

Technical Specifications

Material plywood
Manuals EN
Model size,  L×W×H 196 × 185 × 176  mm
Internal space, H×W×D 155 × 140 × 105 mm


3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle
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