What does "made in PRC" mean?

You can often see the Made in PRC label on clothes, different tools, and equipment. Do you have an idea of where this country is? We are going to share the secret with you here.

PRC means People's Republic of China. However surprised you may be it is true.

Since our online store has quite a lot of products from Chinese manufacturers, we’ve decided to see into the issue and clear up the situation. By the way, every new user registering at our website gets a 5% discount on the first order. Sign up and take the full advantage of being an All Spares customer.

So what happened to the well-known Made in China label? Nothing special; it was simply rebranded. Now let us find out the real reason.

 Made in China or Made in PRC

All products manufactured in China were automatically considered low-quality items for a long period. Even the famous brand or name of the manufacturing plant did not manage to change this stereotype.

China has been the world leader in exporting and manufacturing industrial output since 2014. For the last 50 years, over 370 thousand new factories have started working in the PRC. To reduce the prime cost of goods, a lot of factories have been moved from Europe to China. The remaining factories, for example, those in Germany, France, and Spain, make products for their home markets but produce all goods for export in China.

When you are choosing household appliances pay attention to labels. You will find that most products of highly popular brands are marked “Made in China”. However, it doesn’t mean that – say – a kitchen unit is an imitation of a real food processor from Moulinex, for instance. The fact is that this unit was made at the Moulinex factory in China and it was then sent to your country. The real cost of the food processor produced in China is several times lower than the same one manufactured in and delivered from France. When ordering goods to be produced in China the seller earns more than when producing a similar product in France. Therefore there are so many European brands in our stores, which were produced in China.

 European brands produced in China

The case of spare parts for smartphones, tablets and laptops is even more complicated. It is commonly known that almost all spare parts are produced in China. Nevertheless, to buy a spare part for Samsung or Apple here is almost impossible. Their factories are protected by all means available. Spare parts from these factories are sent to Europe, where they are distributed among branches. Therefore you can buy the Original item only in the company's official representative office.

However, the Chinese people would not be Chinese if they were not able to make money on such expensive products. They manufacture the same spare parts but not at official factories. After learning the manufacturing technology of displays, touchscreens and flat cables, the local craftsmen create a device that can make spares identical to the original. Such spare parts are considered high quality products and belong to the High Copy level.

Original PRC means that the spare part consists of original components. For example, the seller has original LCDs and doesn’t have original touchscreens. In such cases, the High Copy touchscreen is installed on the original display. Such LCD module will be classified as Original PRC because one of its components is original. There can also be another scenario. Imagine that the seller has both the original LCD and touchscreen but the customer needs a module, not a separate spare part. In this situation, a handyman sticks together the LCD and the touchscreen and here is the module. Such a spare part is called Original PRC because it’s made of original components even though it is not manufactured at the official factory. The main difference between Original PRC and Original is the place where they were made. The quality of Original PRC spares doesn’t differ from Original. Still the difference in price is significant.

No matter what there are always some people willing to earn more. This was the main factor that has discredited the “Made in China” brand. Indeed in this country you can find several products of the same brand but of totally different quality. Which one will come to be in your possession depends on who will sell it to you. Dealers consciously order low-quality and cheap products and then sell them with1,000% mark-up. And a 1,000% mark-up is not a joke; it does exist.

The issue is that original spare parts, equipment or other goods and their cheap copies may seem outwardly identical. However, their filling or materials they are made from are not.

Unscrupulous sellers buy third-rate goods and sell them at a price of original. Obviously, these items won’t serve you for a long term. Buyers are unaware of such cheating and blame the “Made in China” label.

Sometimes Chinese sellers can also cheat. For example, the dealer can order high quality expensive goods and receive a fake instead. In this case, it is the client who bears the physical losses again. The sellers do not want to lose their money, thus they sell a fake labeled “Made in China” at the price of the original.

For this reason, everything made in the PRC immediately received a bad record even if it was unjust.

You have to note that high-quality goods from Malaysia and Taiwan are also sold with the “Made in China” label.

To rectify the reputation of products from China to some degree, marketers decided to change the labeling to “Made in PRC”. You can see this label at many high-quality goods of such brands as Bosch, Makita, Hitachi. They are manufactured at the factories in China, but their quality is not different from European analogs.

Today there is no point paying special attention to the country of manufacture. It is better to choose products guided by brand reputation or brand because famous companies will not risk their name and sell Chinese fakes labeled “Made in PRC”.

We clearly classify all products and do not mislead our customers. Be sure that placing an order at our site, you will definitely get the spare parts of the relevant class quality at the best price..

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