Available flat cables for mobile phones: Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, HTC

Flat cable (also known as multi-wire planar cable) is a cable with many conducting wires running parallel to each other on the same flat plane. As a result the cable is wide and flat, looks like a piece of ribbon.

All that you see on the outside of your mobile device just have to communicate somehow. You touch the screen or push certain buttons and voila – the phone goes pumpin' that beat up. Or, for instance, when you dial your friend's number and hear his voice. And it's not magic! Well, mostly. For all of those functions are responsible those tiny gentle components called flat cables. They make communication between different components (speaker and a keyboard/keyboard and display/etc.) possible.

Flat cable for Samsung E250/E256

Different types of flexible flat cables

There are quite a few types of flat cables:

  • mainboard cables;
  • LCD-connection cables (for LCD-display);
  • keyboard cables;
  • HF cables (for hands free sets);
  • speaker cables;
  • camera cables;
  • side buttons cables.


Why so thin and flexi? It's all because of the small sized phones. Every year they become thinner and thinner. And it's all thanks to flat cables. But even those little helpers wear out eventually. So, if you suddenly experience any troubles using your phone, it's probably caused by a flat cable malfunction. Fortunately, they are easy to replace. You can do it by yourself or you can always take it to the professional.
Mostly people experience troubles with folding cell phones. Flat cables of those mobiles wear out more often. Especially, if we're talking about extra thin Samsung or Fly devices. Motorola and Nokia phones suffer such problem less often. And the least troubles with flat cables malfunction have communicator or so-called Smartphone owners.


Up to date we can divide flat cables into two groups: original and manufactured in China. Chinese can be separated by grade and quality, respectively. In most cases they are useless for sliders, especially ultrathin (Samsung U600, Samsung D840, Samsung E840, etc). And last but not least – original cables. With those you'll always be satisfied: the result, the quality and productivity are just great. But still Chinese analogs are not so bad in certain cases.

Different types of cell phone breakdowns

It's not necessary to be an expert on the issue to tell that your phone has a broken cable. For instance, if you see that the screen of your mobile device is acting weird, not showing signs of life or just blurring, your speaker is out, your volume buttons are dead, etc., it's probably a mainboard or an LCD cable breakdown. All of those breakdowns can be fixed just by replacing the cable.


Most of the troubles are caused by mainboard cables. Usually those are responsible for folded or slider phone's display. But not to worry, all of the flat cables you may ever need you can find in our online store. You can find those in Cellphones > Flat Cable tab. Here you can pick up flat cables to all of the phones available on the market: Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, HTC, Fly, etc. If you're a wholesale buyer, you'll be surprised by the discount prices we offer. And remember, some of the cables come with useful accessories: connectors, joysticks and other additional equipment. This can be a lifesaver in most cases.

If you still have doubts whether to buy or not to buy certain flat cable for your mobile, you can always get a useful advice from our experts just by entering Online Support area.

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