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img-alt 17.02.2014 Updated 14.06.2018 Spare Parts Quality Classes Quality spare parts classification img-alt 05.06.2015 How to choose the touchscreen for a Chinese tablet or cell phone? How to choose a touchscreen for your device learn below. img-alt 21.12.2016 Learn to Use Label Data when Choosing LCD for an E-book E-books are becoming an integral part of our day-to-day life replacing traditional paper books more and more often. img-alt 16.11.2016 What does "made in PRC" mean? At present the label “Made in PRC” is increasingly found all around. Read this article and learn where this country is and why it has been rebranded. img-alt 30.04.2015 How to Connect iPhone 5 LCD Module iPhone 5 LCD module installation and replacement instruction img-alt 30.01.2015 What to Do When the Touchscreen Stops Working? In this article we will tell you about the possible causes of the touchscreen failure. Here you will find tips on how to choose the correct touchscreen, disassemble and replace non-working touchscreen. img-alt 24.04.2015 How to Dry Out a Wet Cell Phone Instructions about saving devices that accidentally fell into water img-alt 31.05.2018 UGREEN Cables Get Apple MFi Certification UGREEN cables have passed MFi certification. Now they can be used for charging, synchronizing and transmitting data from Apple devices. img-alt 02.03.2017 Video Review: Freezing Separator for LCD Module Ungluing In this video, our technical support specialist demonstrates how to unglue the usual or curved LCD module using the freezing separator. img-alt 18.01.2017 Video Review of JUTE TALE LY-898 Universal Gluing Machine The video shows how to work with the universal gluing machine. img-alt 04.01.2017 Video Review of MT-ZDF220 Triangel Separating Machine All Spares offer a new Triangel MT-ZDF220 semi-automatic separator. Use it to separate an LCD from glass without much effort. img-alt 25.07.2016 How to Cut the Glue, OCA and Polarized Films from an LCD Module Using AS-960N Watch this video review to find out how to work with glue removing machine. img-alt 25.07.2016 Video Review of AS-650R Frame Laminating Machine The video shows how to work with the frame laminating machine. img-alt 07.03.2016 Your smartphone has suddenly started behaving in a strange way: What do you do? This article will focus your attention on how to provide the first aid to your cell phone when it freezes or doesn't respond for a long time. img-alt 18.12.2015 SM-252 and TBK-988 LCD Module Separators Comparison Video Review This video review shows the difference between SM-252 and TBK-988 separators. img-alt 11.12.2015 How to Attach the Glass to the Module Using Triangel The video shows how to work with the Triangel LCD module gluing machine. img-alt 22.10.2015 Video Review of TBK-R Laminating Machine with Built-in Vacuum Pump The video shows how to work with the TBK-R laminating machine with a built-in vacuum pump. img-alt 15.10.2015 What is 18650 battery? Today we will we find out what are the applications of 18650 batteries and where are they used. img-alt 23.09.2015 How to Glue Glass to LCD Module Using OCA Film Read this article and get acquainted with brand new devices for glass bonding. img-alt 20.08.2015 How to Attach the Tempered Glass Screen Protector The video review shows how to attach the tempered glass screen protector properly. img-alt 29.07.2015 How to Clean LCD Module and Glue the Film We offer new devices to feed and remove an ultraviolet (UV) glue, and to laminate with an OCA film. img-alt 30.06.2015 How to Choose the Right Device if You Need to Separate a Display Module Meet new devices for LCD module separation. img-alt 12.09.2014 TP-1000N, TP-2500, TP-2500F & Kafuter K-3022 Glue Video Review See the difference between TP-1000N, TP-2500, TP-2500F & Kafuter K-3022 glues. img-alt 16.06.2014 Looking for a Spare Part? Let's Search Together! Our new Spare Parts for Order service will help you to find, order and buy required spare part in our store. Our team will ensure to leave you satisfied with the price. img-alt 18.03.2014 How to Use Touchscreen Glass Separator SM-252 This video demonstration shows how to separate the screen from glass using SM-252 separator machine. img-alt 06.04.2012 How to disassemble the Samsung Google Nexus S. Detailed guide: how to disassemble the Samsung Google Nexus S. img-alt 06.04.2012 Repair guide: Apple iPhone 4G disassembly. Broken your iPhone 4G? Need help? Here is the detailed instruction how to replace any broken spare part for repairing your iPhone by yourself. img-alt 06.04.2012 Spares for Nokia 6700 classic cell phone All necessary spares for Nokia 6700 classic. Disassembling scheme. img-alt 06.04.2012 All you need to know about cell phone flat cables Flat cable (also known as multi-wire planar cable) is a cable with many conducting wires running parallel to each other on the same flat plane. As a result the cable is wide and flat, looks like a piece of ribbon.

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