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Micro-Box Server Credits

ID: 815578
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Product Information: 

Micro-Box Server Credits for LG 3G, SAGEM, SKYPE/AMOI, MOMO, ZTE phones * unlock. 1 credit is required for 1 cell phone unlock using Micro-Box.


  • Sagem Unlimited Unlock Activation for Micro-Box users (29.10.2009)
  •  Activation costs 10 credits
    • Unlimited unlock code reading, direct unlock, disable security code supported for the following models:
      • my100x
      • my200c
      • my202c
      • my210x
      • my212x
      • my215x
      • my300c
      • my401c
      • my411x
      • my411xi
      • my411v
      • my411cv
      • my511x
      • my511xi
      • my521x
      • my412z
      • VF526
      • VF527
      • VF533
    • Unlimited unlock code reading supported for the following models:
      • myx6-2
      • myv76
      • mye77
      • my300x
      • my301x
      • my302x
      • my300l
      • my400x
      • my400v
      • my400l
      • my401x
      • my401v
      • my401l
      • TCM 303
      • SG 346i
      • VS4
      • VS5

    Supported models and features


    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock LG

    Supported models:

    • LG CU575
    • LG CU920
    • LG KF311
    • LG KF390
    • LG KT615
    • LG KU950
    • LG MU515
    • LG TU515
    • LG TU575
    • LG TU915
    • LG U830
    • LG CU515
    • LG CU720
    • LG CU915
    • LG CU920
    • LG HB620
    • LG KC910
    • LG KE990
    • LG KF310
    • LG KF700
    • LG KT610
    • LG KU250
    • LG KU380
    • LG KU385
    • LG KU970
    • LG KU990
    • LG KU990GO
    • LG KU990MF
    • LG KU990R
    • LG TU720
    • LG U250
    • LG U370
    • LG U830
    • LG U960
    • LG U970
    • LG U990


    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock MOMO

    Supported models:



    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock Skype

    Supported models:

    • Skype Phone 1 WP-S1
    • Skype Phone 2 WP-S2
    • Skype Phone 3 INQ


    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock ZTE

    Supported models:

    • ZTE F230


    Supported features:

    • Read unlock code SAGEM

    Supported models:

    • Sagem My V-56 HS
    • Sagem My X5-2V HS
    • Sagem My C5-3 HS
    • Sagem My 501C HS
    • Sagem My 501Ci HS
    • Sagem My E77
    • Sagem TCM 303
    • Sagem My 100X
    • Sagem My 210X
    • Sagem My 212X
    • Sagem My 214X
    • Sagem My 215X
    • Sagem My 200C
    • Sagem My 202C
    • Sagem My 300C
    • Sagem My 401C
    • Sagem My 401Ci
    • Sagem My 411X
    • Sagem My 411Xi
    • Sagem My 411V
    • Sagem My 411CV
    • Sagem My 511X
    • Sagem My X6-2
    • Sagem My V76
    • Sagem My 300X
    • Sagem My 301X
    • Sagem My 302X
    • Sagem My 300L
    • Sagem My 400X
    • Sagem My 400V
    • Sagem My 400L
    • Sagem My401X
    • Sagem My 401V
    • Sagem My 401L
    • Sagem SG 346i
    • Sagem VS4
    • Sagem VS5

    Without credits:

    Supported features:

    • Read flash Sagem
    • Direct unlock Sagem

    Supported models:

    • Sagem My150X
    • Sagem My220X
    • Sagem My220V
    • Sagem My226X
    • Sagem VDF226 Vodafone
    • Sagem My231X
    • Sagem My234X

    * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

    Detailed information on the further use of the virtual product will be sent to your email, specified during registration, when we confirm your payment and process your order.

Credit is compatible with the following models of Boxes:

  • Micro-Box

Credit is compatible with the following models of Cell phones:

  • LG M6000
  • Sagem my300x
  • ZTE A66

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