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29.08.2018Modern Technologies of Manufacturing DisplaysLCD, TFT, IPS, OLED, Super AMOLED, POLED. This is a list of the most popular technology names used today in the display production. Let’s familiarize with them in more details.06.04.2012Updated 14.06.2018Spare Parts Quality ClassesQuality spare parts classification31.05.2018UGREEN Cables Get Apple MFi CertificationUGREEN cables have passed MFi certification. Now they can be used for charging, synchronizing and transmitting data from Apple devices.29.03.2018Dual Camera Set Up: Necessity or Fashion?"Why do I need a second camera in my smartphone?" This question is asked by virtually all customers. It appears that there are two issues involved in the answer: fashion and image quality. Interestingly, some manufacturers take into account just one of them.18.01.2018The Evolution of Samsung Display Screens: From SH100 to Galaxy S8In 2017, Samsung GALAXY S8 Edge became the world leader among smartphones. We made a short retrospective journey into history to look at their long path to success.07.08.2017Smartphone Manufacturers: How It All BeganAlmost all famous brands were starting their business in the fields that had absolutely nothing to do with communication technologies. Let us see with which products the story of modern global giants started.28.02.2017Companies that Changed the WorldIn this article, we will take you for short retrospective journey into the history and discover what kind of inventions and with whose help have found their way into the life of an average consumer and totally transformed it.05.01.2017Video Review of JUTE TALE LY-898 Universal Gluing MachineThe video shows how to work with the universal gluing machine.04.01.2017Video Review of MT-ZDF220 Triangel Separating MachineAll Spares offer a new Triangel MT-ZDF220 semi-automatic separator. Use it to separate an LCD from glass without much effort.16.12.2016What Is the Difference Between SMART LED Strips and Regular RGB StripsIn this article we will try to explain what are the main differences between SMART and regular RGB LED strips.15.12.2016Learn to Use Label Data when Choosing LCD for an E-bookE-books are becoming an integral part of our day-to-day life replacing traditional paper books more and more often.16.11.2016What does "made in PRC" mean?At present the label “Made in PRC” is increasingly found all around. Read this article and learn where this country is and why it has been rebranded.05.10.2016STEM Toys: Educational Toys Helping Children LearnWilling to spark your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? Study our selection of the best educational toys.14.09.2016Dimmers and LEDs: a Perfect Combination of Convenience and EfficiencyIn this article we will discuss what a dimmer is and talk about the advantages of its use with LEDs.14.09.2016How to Make an Order on All SparesIn this article we will explain in detail how to buy products and place order in our online store.08.07.2016Infrared Rework Stations: Technological Benefits and ACHI Brand ReviewInfrared soldering stations, their special features in comparison with hot air soldering stations. Product range and advantages of infrared soldering station by the brand ACHI.05.07.2016Video Review of AS-650R Frame Laminating MachineThe video shows how to work with the frame laminating machine.05.07.2016How to Cut the Glue, OCA and Polarized Films from an LCD Module Using AS-960NWatch this video review to find out how to work with glue removing machine.30.06.2016Do more Megapixels mean better photo quality?There is an assumption that an image quality depends on the number of megapixels. Read this article and find out which camera specifications do influence its capacity and image quality.25.05.2016Standards of Smartphone Protection against Dust and MoistureIn this article we will tell you about IP rating and why it’s so important.25.04.2016How Did Scotch Tape Appear and What Is the Story Behind Its Name?Read this article to learn how scotch tape appeared and why it has such a strange name.26.02.2016Your smartphone has suddenly started behaving in a strange way: What do you do?This article will focus your attention on how to provide the first aid to your cell phone when it freezes or doesn't respond for a long time.25.02.2016What are 1G, 2G, 3G, etc., mobile networks?Read this article and get acquainted with the history of the mobile networks development.17.11.2015SM-252 and TBK-988 LCD Module Separators Comparison Video ReviewThis video review shows the difference between SM-252 and TBK-988 separators.17.11.2015How to Attach the Glass to the Module Using TriangelThe video shows how to work with the Triangel LCD module gluing machine.13.10.2015What is 18650 battery?Today we will we find out what are the applications of 18650 batteries and where are they used.08.10.2015Video Review of TBK-R Laminating Machine with Built-in Vacuum PumpThe video shows how to work with the TBK-R laminating machine with a built-in vacuum pump.16.09.2015How to Glue Glass to LCD Module Using OCA FilmRead this article and get acquainted with brand new devices for glass bonding.15.09.2015How to Replace the LCD Module in Samsung G800HThe video shows how to replace a LCD module on Samsung G800H.14.09.2015How to Install Touchscreen on ASUS me173The video shows how to install a new touchscreen on ASUS me173.20.08.2015How to Attach the Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorThe video review shows how to attach the tempered glass screen protector properly.30.06.2015How to Choose the Right Device if You Need to Separate a Display ModuleMeet new devices for LCD module separation.29.04.2015How to Connect iPhone 5 LCD ModuleiPhone 5 LCD module installation and replacement instruction29.04.2015How to Dry Out a Wet Cell PhoneInstructions about saving devices that accidentally fell into water30.03.2015Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Coming SoonSamsung presented two brand new devices: Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge23.03.2015What's Inside a Tablet PC and Other Mobile Devices?This article is about tablet PC and modern mobile device components.17.02.2015What is Power Bank?All about Power Bank - a portable battery that can charge any mobile device whenever and wherever.03.02.2015How to Extend Lithium Battery Life?Article on extending modern gadgets' battery life and charging technics.04.12.2014What to Do When the Touchscreen Stops Working?In this article we will tell you about the possible causes of the touchscreen failure. Here you will find tips on how to choose the correct touchscreen, disassemble and replace non-working touchscreen.26.11.2014OS X Yosemite — the new operating system for MacThe operating system for Mac is now more light and got a lot of interesting features.30.10.2014Apple iPad Air 2 - the thinnest tablet in the worldApple introduced the iPad Air 2. This tablet can surely be called a truly unique product and a benchmark among tablets.24.10.2014How to Use a MultimeterWant to know how to measure current, voltage and resistance using multimeter? This video will demonstrate some practical applications of a digital multimeter.11.09.2014TP-1000N, TP-2500, TP-2500F & Kafuter K-3022 Glue Video ReviewSee the difference between TP-1000N, TP-2500, TP-2500F & Kafuter K-3022 glues.05.06.2014Looking for a Spare Part? Let's Search Together!Our new Spare Parts for Order service will help you to find, order and buy required spare part in our store. Our team will ensure to leave you satisfied with the price.20.05.2014How to Return the ProductAll Spares online store offers a new service. The aim of such service is to make the procedure of products replacement and returns as quick and convenient as possible.18.03.2014How to Use Touchscreen Glass Separator SM-252This video demonstration shows how to separate the screen from glass using SM-252 separator machine.28.02.2014How to choose the touchscreen for a Chinese tablet or cell phone?How to choose a touchscreen for your device learn below.05.02.2014Samsung will introduce Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World CongressSamsung has already started to invite to Unpacked 2014.28.01.2014How to choose the notebook matrixWhen we see a broken display the first thing that comes into your mind is the question: how much is a replacement, how and where to find the right part? We offer a table that presents the most famous matrices manufacturers and their designation.20.12.2013Mobile Communication SecuritySome tips that may help you to keep your communication via cell phone confidential.22.11.2013Phonebloks - smartphone constructorThe novelty lets us to modernize cell phone components according to our own discretion and needs.11.09.2013Apple introduced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphonesApple introduced their brand new products - iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones.20.08.2013Ubi Interactive and Microsoft Turn any Surface into a TouchscreenUbi Interactive together with Microsoft developed the system that creates virtual touch screen on any surface.13.08.2013What are cell phone housings made of?What type of housing does your cell phone have, and what ideas to expect in future24.07.2013How cell phones got their namesLet's learn how cell phones got their names and what does they mean05.07.2013The most expensive phonesIncredible phones at incredible prices. Review of the most expensive phones in the world.06.02.2013How to Clean Lenses of Digital CamerasThe previous article told us about cameras damages. Now we are going to describe the disassembling and dust cleaning processes of an interchangeable lens using the Canon EF-S 18-135 lens example.05.12.2012Why digital cameras break down.In this article we will talk about the main reasons and types of digital cameras damages.05.11.2012LG+Google = Nexus4Read this article and you will find a lot of interesting information about LG and Google collaboration.25.10.2012October, a month of battles between iOS, Windows and AndroidIn this article you can find a brief review of the situation on the mobile device market (cell phones, laptops, tablets) – characteristics, operating systems comparison, selling and the progress plan of the OS top players: iOS (Apple), Windows, Android (Google), RIM and cell phones developers: iOS (Apple), Windows, Android (Google), RIM etc.20.09.2012What's new about Apple iPhone 5?The official sales start on September 21th, 2012.16.07.2012Spare Parts for Apple iPhone 4SWe offer the short overview of iPhone 4S mobile phone and spare parts you can buy in our store.06.04.2012How to disassemble the Samsung Google Nexus S.Detailed guide: how to disassemble the Samsung Google Nexus S.06.04.2012Repair guide: Apple iPhone 4G disassembly.Broken your iPhone 4G? Need help? Here is the detailed instruction how to replace any broken spare part for repairing your iPhone by yourself.06.04.2012How to disassemble your LG KP500.Step-by-step guide of LG KP500 disassembling.06.04.2012Detailed manual on Apple iPhone 3G/GS disassembling.How to replace LCD, housing, mainboard and battery in Apple iPhone 3G/GS. Detailed manual.06.04.2012Battery Usage and Storage TipsBasic usage, storage, charging and maintenance tips which will help you to prolong cell phones batteries operating life

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