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4SE Dongle

ID: 835605  |  Weight: 0.05 kg  |  Warranty: 6 month (s)
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Product Information: 

4SE Dongle lets you perform lots of basic unlocking and phone flashing procedures, including read info, phone recovery, certificate change, etc. with Sony Ericsson and Sony mobile devices.

4SE Dongle - Outstanding Features

  • Standalone (doesn't need internet connection)
  • One time purchase (no need to buy credits)
  • Flash/Debrand, Recover, Unlock
  • Secured protection (Gemalto top cards)
  • Multi Language support
  • User friendly interface

4SE Dongle - Supported Operations

  • Read Info:
    • Read all available information from connected device: chipset details, OTP data, flash memory details, security details and show all available operations for connected device.
  • Unlock:
    • Remove operator network specific lock to use a phone with any sim card.
  • Recovery:
    • Resurrect bricked devices. Full set of recovery procedures with easy to use interface.
  • Flash:
    • Update phone's firmware with latest version. Huge buid-in firmware library with direct search and download.
  • GDFS, TA:
    • Operations - backup and restore current settings areas. Always do the backup before you start.
  • Certificate change:
    • Special feature for A1 and A2 platforms which lets user to set the security certificate.

Full feature table available at manufacturer's website.

4SE Dongle - Supported Models *:

Platform: QC8255

  • Live with Walkman™ WT19
  • Xperia™ PLAY R800
  • Xperia™ PLAY Z1
  • Xperia™ acro IS11S
  • Xperia™ active ST17
  • Xperia™ arc LT15
  • Xperia™ arc S LT18
  • Xperia™ mini ST15
  • Xperia™ mini pro SK17
  • Xperia™ neo MT15
  • Xperia™ neo V MT11
  • Xperia™ pro MK16
  • Xperia™ ray ST18

Platform: MSM7227

  • Aspen™ M1
  • Walkman™ W8 E16
  • Xperia™ X10 mini E10
  • Xperia™ X10 mini pro U20
  • Xperia™ X8 E15

Platform: QSD8250

  • Xperia™ X10

Platform: MSM8x60

  • Xperia™ S LT26
  • Xperia™ NX SO-02D

Platform: DB3350

  • Aino™ U10
  • Cedar™ J108
  • Elm™ J10
  • Hazel™ J20
  • Yari™ Kita™ U100
  • Xperia™ Pureness X5
  • Zylo™ W20

Platform: DB3210

  • C510
  • C901
  • C903
  • C905
  • G705
  • T715
  • W705
  • W715
  • W995

Platform: DB3200

  • BeJoo™ JaLou™ F100
  • Equinox™ TM717
  • Naite™ J105
  • T707
  • W518

Platform: DB3150

  • C702
  • C902
  • G502
  • K630
  • K660
  • K850
  • K858
  • T700
  • TM506
  • V640
  • W595
  • W760
  • W890
  • W902
  • W908
  • W910
  • W980
  • Z750
  • Z770
  • Z780

Platform: DB2020

  • K530
  • K550
  • K610
  • K770
  • K790
  • K800
  • K810
  • K818
  • S500
  • T650
  • T658
  • V630
  • W580
  • W610
  • W660
  • W710
  • W830
  • W850
  • W880
  • W888
  • Z610
  • Z710

Platform: DB201X

  • D750
  • F500
  • J300
  • K300
  • K310
  • K320
  • K500
  • K510
  • K700
  • K750
  • S700
  • W200
  • W300
  • W550
  • W600
  • W700
  • W800
  • W810
  • Z500
  • Z520
  • Z525
  • Z530
  • Z550

Platform: DB2000

  • K600
  • K608
  • V600
  • V800
  • W900
  • Z800
  • Z1010

Platform: PNX6513

  • Spiro™ W100
  • Yendo™ Yizo™ W150

Platform: PNX5230

  • W350
  • W380
  • Z310
  • Z555

Platform: PNX4910

  • Walkman™ Mix WT13
  • txt CK13
  • txt pro CK15

Platform: OMAP3430

  • Satio™ U1
  • Vivaz™ U5
  • Vivaz™ pro U8

Platform: NEPTUNE

  • F305
  • S302
  • S312
  • W302
  • W395

Platform: LOCOSTO

  • K330
  • R300
  • R306
  • T250
  • T270
  • T280
  • T303
  • W205
  • Z250
  • Z320

4SE Dongle - Unlocking Requirements

  • DB2000, DB201x - service cable (COM)
  • DB2020 - USB cable or service cable (COM)
  • DB3150, DB3200, DB3210, DB3350 - USB cable
  • MSM7227, QSD8250 - ADB mode USB cable or TP mode recovery cable (COM)
  • QC8255/MSM7x30 - TP mode USB cable

All operations don't require any activations or internet connection. Firmware search and download requires server connection with 4SE firmware library. Once firmware is downloaded it can be used locally on user's PC without internet connection.

4SE Dongle - Package Content

  • 4SE Dongle - 1 pc.

Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.


Dongle is compatible with the following models of Cell phones:

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