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Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-2096BM for Computer & Notebook Service

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ID: 832021  |  Weight: 2.2 kg
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Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-2096BM for Computer & Notebook Service - description: 

Pro'sKit PK-2096BM Computer & Notebook Service Kit is a professional kit with tools for computer and notebook service in a carrying zipper bag. Pro'sKit PK-2096BM kit includes screwdrivers, pliers, and a soldering iron.

Pro'sKit PK-2096BM Computer & Notebook Service Kit Features

  • A great variety of professional computer and notebook service tools in 1 set.
  • Includes screwdrivers and pliers for different applications.
  • Includes a soldering iron.
  • Tools are fixed inside the carrying zipper bag.
  • Perfect for professionals working with computers.

Pro'sKit PK-2096BM Computer & Notebook Service Kit Technical Specifications

  Long nose pliers 135 mm
  Diagonal cutting pliers 110 mm
  Needle nose pliers 155 mm
  Tip straight tweezer 120 mm
Screwdriver blades
#1, #2 1/4"x50 mm
5.0, 6.0 mm 1/4" (inch) or 6 mm (metric)
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 1/4"x25 mm
  Extension blade 1/4"x30 mm
  Wrist strap 10 FT
  Soldering iron voltage 220 V
  Bag size 320x233x60 mm

Pro'sKit PK-2096BM Computer & Notebook Service Kit Package Contents

  • Pro'sKit PK-2096BM computer & notebook service kit:
    • Long nose pliers (1 pc.)
    • Diagonal cutting pliers (1 pc.)
    • Needle nose pliers (1 pc.)
    • Tip straight tweezer (1 pc.)
    • Screwdriver blades (13 pcs.)
    • Extension blade (1 pc.)
    • 3.6 V Cordless screwdriver (220 V) (1 pc.)
    • Soldering iron 220 V (1 pc.)
    • IC extractor (1 pc.)
    • Square scraper/Stainless steel brush (1 pc.)
    • Slotted shaft/Split lever (1 pc.)
    • Tapered reamer/Tapered needle (1 pc.)
    • Offset chip holder (1 pc.)
    • 3 prong holder (1 pc.)
    • Desoldering pump (1 pc.)
    • Wrist strap (1 pc.)
  • Carrying zipper bag (1 pc.)

Tool kit in bag type 

Для обслуживания ПК и ноутбуков 

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