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R-Sim Mini+ / Mini Updating Code

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R-Sim Mini+ / Mini Updating Code - description: 

Updating code has been developed for R-SIM Mini Plus / R-SIM Mini software upgrade with R-SIM mini Update Dongle.

R-SIM Mini Update Procedure

  • Select R-SIM dongle updater in accordance with computer OS. (The driver must be installed manually)
    • Win XP Operating system, click and download "For Win Xp"
    • Win 7 64 Operating system, click and download "For win7 64"
    • Win 7 32 Operating system, click and download "For win7 32" (this driver needs to be installed manually, click "DRemover98_2K" to install)
  • Insert R-SIM Mini card into the dongle and connect the dongle to computer USB socket. If you want to install the driver automatically, just wait a few minutes. After the installation, move the cursor to PC's "Computer" icon, right-click, "Attribute"-"Device Manager"-"Port"-"ProlificUSB-to-SerialCommPort" to check if installed successfully. If question mark or exclamation mark (?/!) are shown, you need to reinstall the driver by right-clicking "ProlificUSB-to-SerialCommPort". After installation is completed, reboot the computer.
  • Download R-SIM "R-SIM dongle updater for R-SIM mini V8.81" or newer version of updating program.
  • Click on the icon "R-SIM Dongle up...", then insert R-SIM mini Update Dongle with the card to USB socket, open the program as it shown here
    • Select "3" in COM settings, rate: 19200, then click "Connect Reader", enter R-SIM Mini updating code in "Input Active Code", click "Download", and you will see the updating progress."Updating is completed" means that the newest version has been installed.
  • If updating failed, plug in and out the dongle, then click "Download" (repeatedly) as shown here until the procedure will be successfully completed.

Activation is compatible with the following models of :

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5S

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