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Professional Field Engineer’s Tool Kit Pro'sKit 1PK-850B

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USD 185,00
ID: 816322  |  Weight: 8 kg
Availability in stock: HK EU CN   |   Notify when in stock

Professional Field Engineer’s Tool Kit Pro'sKit 1PK-850B - description: 

Field engineer’s tool kit consists of various pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, wrenches and other tools required for inspection and repairing operations. Pro'sKit 1PK-850B is powered from 220 V mains and contains instruments of metric sizes.

Field Engineer’s Tool Kit Contents

103-132D Utility component storage box
1PK-108T Reverse action tweezers
1PK-3171 Spring hook
1PK-317N Spring hook
1PK-701 Micro cutting pliers
1PK-705 Diagonal cutting nippers
1PK-706 Long nose pliers
1PK-A001 10 pcs trimming tool set
1PK-H028 Adjustable wrench 8"
1PK-SC109B Quick heat ceramic soldering iron 220 V
89101A Slotted screwdriver 3.2 x 75 mm
89101B Crosshead screwdriver #0 x 75 mm
89102A Slotted screwdriver 5.0 x 75 mm
89102B Crosshead screwdriver #1 x 75 mm
89107A Slotted screwdriver 6.0 x 100 mm
89107B Crosshead screwdriver #2 x 100 mm
89113B Crosshead screwdriver #2 x 150 mm
89117B Crosshead screwdriver #2 x 250 mm
89120A Slotted screwdriver 6.0 x 38 mm
89120B Crosshead screwdriver #2 x 38 mm
8PK-022 7 pcs set of miniature L shaped allen wrenches
8PK-2061 6 pcs set of electronic screwdrivers
8PK-249 Snap ring pliers set
8PK-CT009 Multi-purpose crimping tool (metric)
9113A Slotted screwdriver 6.0 x 150 mm
9C004 Oil can
9FL-005 Mini lash light
9H063 Center punch tool
9HAM-1 Carpenter hammer
9S002A/B/C 3 pcs soldering aid tools
DK-2039 Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
DK-2040 Measuring tape 3M/10FT
HW-608B/108-608B 10 pcs electronic combination wrench (metric)
MS-391 Inspection mirror
PN-P010N Slip-channel pump pliers 254 mm
9PK-850-P Pallet for 1PK-850
9PK-850 ABS carrying tool case w/1 pallet

Field Engineer’s Tool Kit Specifications

Soldering voltage 220~240 V
Case size, mm 438 x 310 x 145
Standard plug B
Individual packing Color box

Tool kit with case type 


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