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Precision Digital Multimeter Siglent SDM3055A

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ID: 862797  |  Weight: 5.5 kg  |  Warranty: 36 month (s)
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Precision Digital Multimeter Siglent SDM3055A - description: 

Siglent SDM3055A is a 5 ½ digit digital multimeter that features many math and statistical functions. It includes a variety of communication interfaces with easy setup, is equipped with a 4.3-inch TFT-LCD screen, and is designed for users who need high performance, multiple functions, and automatic measurements. Siglent SDM3055A is a high performance desktop multimeter.


  • Measurement speed: up to 150 rdgs/s
  • 1GB Nand Flash total capacity, mass storage settings and data files, supports expandable storage to external U disk
  • Built-in thermocouple
  • Chinese and English menus
  • Built-in help system to facilitate information acquisition and document management
  • Extensive math functions which include measuring the signal’s minimum / maximum / average / standard deviation. Also readings can be displayed in dBm, dB, Pass / Fail, relative value, histograms, trend curves, bar graphs, etc
  • Supports remote command and control, and is provided with PC software EASYSDM
  • 4.3-inch (480 * 272) true color TFT large screen LCD, and comes configured for a variety of communication interfaces with USB Device, USB Host, LAN ports, GPIB.


Technical Specifications

DC voltage measurement 200mV,2V,20V,200V,1000V
DC current measurement 200μA,2mA,20mA,200mA,2A,10A
AC voltage measurement True-RMS,200mV,2V,20V,200V,750V
AC current measurement True-RMS,20mA ,200mA,2A,10A
2,4-wire resistance measurement 200Ω,2KΩ,20KΩ,200KΩ,2MΩ,10MΩ,100MΩ
Capacitance measurement 2nF,20nF,200nF,2μF,20μF,200μF,10000μF
Connectivity Test Range fixed 2KΩ
Diode test range fixed 2V
Frequency measurement 20Hz ~ 1MHz
Period measurement 1μs ~ 0.05 s
Temperature measurement Support thermocouple, RTD temperature sensor
Maximum input voltage 1000V
Configuration Interface USB Device,USB Host,LAN, GPIB

Package Contents

  • Siglent SDM3055A Digital Multimeter — 1 pc.
  • Power Cord — 1 pc.
  • CD with Software — 1 pc.
  • User Manual — 1 pc.

Multimeter type 



Multimeter range selection 

Auto range 

Multimeter digit capacity 

240 000 

Multimeter DC voltage 

Up to 1000 V 

Multimeter AC voltage 

Up to 750 V 

Multimeter resistance 

Up to 100 MOhm 

Multimeter capacitance 

Up to 10 000 μF 

Multimeter frequency 

Up to 1 MHz 

Multimeter DC 

Up to 10 A 

Multimeter AC 

Up to 10 A 

Multimeter inductance 


Multimeter temperature 


Multimeter power 


Multimeter duty cycle 


Multimeter true RMS 


Multimeter continuity test 


Multimeter backlight 


Multimeter PC connection 


Multimeter diode test 


Multimeter analog bar graph 


Multimeter transistor check 


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