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Polar Box License 3: Huawei 2G/3G, Sagem Secured, Vodafone and Modems

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ID: 817981
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Polar Box License 3: Huawei 2G/3G, Sagem Secured, Vodafone and Modems - description: 

Polar Box 3 License 3 is meant for Huawei, Sagem and Vodafone mobile devices unlocking.

Polar Box 3 License 3 - Outstanding Features

  • Read Codes (NCK)
  • Flash, Repair, Change Language
  • Direct Unlock
  • Read FlashCode

Polar Box 3 License 3 - Supported Models

  • Sagem My100x My200c My202c My210x My212x My214x My215x My300c My300l My300x My301x My302x
  • Sagem My400x My400v My400l My401c My401ci My401x My401v My401l My411x My411xi My411v My411cv
  • Sagem My501ci My501C My501Ci My511x My511xi MyC5-3 MyE77 MyX5-2V MyX6-2
  • Sagem My-V56 My-V76 VS4 VS5
  • Sagem SG346i TCM303
  • Vodafone 411 526 527 533
  • Option GlobeSurfer ICON_7.2 ICON_7.2S
  • Option GT 3G+Emea 3GQuad Fusion
  • Huawei E122 E153 E155 E156 E156G E160 E160G E166 E169 E169G E170 E172 E176 E180 E196 E220 E226 ...
  • Huawei E230 E270 E271 E272 E367 E510 E612 E618 E620 E630 E630+ E660 E660A E800 E870 ...
  • Huawei E1550 E1612 E1750 E1752 E1752C E1756 E1756C ...
  • Huawei EG162 EG162G EG602 EG602G K2540 K3250 K3515 K3520 K3565 K3715 L1220
  • Novatel Ovation MD950D MD990D Merlin U530 U630 U730 U740
  • Sierra Aircard 875
  • Toshiba G450
  • Vodafone K2540 K3250 K3515 K3520 K3565 K3570z K3571z K3715 K3765 K3765z K3806
  • ZTE MF110 MF112 MF180 MF190 MF620 MF626 MF636 MF637 MF668
  • Huawei G20 G3501 G5010 G5500 G5726 G6005 G6210 G6600 G6603 G6608 G6609 G6620 G6622
  • Huawei G7002 G7010 G7050 G7105 G7206 G7210 G7300 G7510 G7600

Please provide your Polar Box 3 serial number while placing an order.


Activation is compatible with the following models of :

  • Polar
  • Sagem MY-400
  • Vodafone 226
  • Huawei 226

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