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Polar Box License 1: LG 3G Secured + Samsung 3G + ZTE 3G

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ID: 813136
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Polar Box License 1: LG 3G Secured + Samsung 3G + ZTE 3G - description: 

Polar Box 3 License 1 is meant for LG, Samsung and ZTE unlocking.

Polar Box 3 License 1 - Outstanding Features

  • LG3G direct unlock (via server)
  • Samsung read codes (via server)
  • Flashing is not required before unlock (all in few seconds)
  • Totally secure process
  • Unlimited unlock
  • Real time activation

Polar Box 3 License 1 - Supported Models

Polar Box 3 License 1 - Support for LG

  • LG CU Series : CU720 CU920 (American versions)
  • LG HB Series : HB620 HB620T
  • LG KC Series : KC910 KC910i KC910Q (added RAM protected versions too)
  • LG KB Series : KB620 KB770
  • LG KE Series : KE990
  • LG KF Series : KF690 KF700 KF700GO KF701
  • LG KU Series : KU250 KU305 KU315 KU380 KU385 KU730 KU970
  • LG KU Series : KU990 KU990i KU990iGO KU990GO KU990MF KU990R
  • LG TU Series : TU515
  • LG U Series : U250 U370 U370W U960 U970 U990

Polar Box 3 License 1 - Support for Samsung

  • Samsung Mxxxx Series (M7600 M7603 M8800 etc ...)
  • Samsung S3xxx Series (S3370 S3650 S3653 etc ...)
  • Samsung S5xxx Series (S5230 S5260 S5600 S5600v S5603 S5620 etc ...)
  • Samsung S7xxx Series (S7230 etc ...)
  • Samsung S8xxx Series (S8000 S8300 S8500 S8530 etc ...)
  • Samsung Fxxx Series (F480 F488 F490 F498 etc ...)
  • Samsung Android Series (i8xxx i9xxx i5700 i5800 S5570 S5670 S5830 etc ...)

Polar Box 3 License 1 - Support for ZTE

  • ZTE F100 F101 F102 F102i F600 F930 F950 F952

Please provide us your Polar Box 3 serial number while placing an order.


Activation is compatible with the following models of :

  • Polar
  • LG KF700
  • Samsung S5230 Star
  • ZTE F950

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