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Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25

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USD 8899,00
ID: 835813  |  Weight: 5.6 kg  |  Warranty: 12 month (s)
Availability in stock: HK EU CN   |   Notify when in stock

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 - description: 

Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer is an easy to use and fully-functional handheld OTDR with a battery power supply which makes it fully portable. The device supports Full Auto, Expert (manual) and Real-Time OTDR test modes, precision event analysis, and multi-wavelength testing.

Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 is perfect for testing and troubleshooting, LAN/WAN, and provider networks service. OTDR test results may be saved as standard .SOR files, or transferred via a USB cable or USB drive to a computer for viewing, printing, and analyzing with the supplied Windows-compatible software, Test Results Manager (TRM™).

Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 OTDR Features

  • Compact and lightweight handheld device.
  • 850/1300 nm (multimode), 1310/1550 nm (single-mode) wavelength.
  • 22 dB (multimode), 26 dB (single-mode) dynamic range.
  • Battery power supply, 8 hours battery life.
  • Automatic Pass/Fail analysis (TIA/ISO).
  • USB host and function ports.
  • Internal (CompactFlash memory card) and USB storage.
  • Auto power-off function.
  • Touchscreen display.
  • Safety: Class I FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11; IEC 60825-1:2007-03.
  • OTDR adapters: (2) SC, FC, ST.

Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 OTDR User Manual

Download Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 OTDR User Manual.

Download Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 OTDR Data Sheet.

Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 OTDR Technical Specifications

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
Wavelength 850/1300 nm (MM), 1310/1550 nm (SM)
Dynamic range 22/22 dB (MM), 26/26 dB (SM)
Emitter Type Laser
Pulse Width 10, 30, 100, 300 ns, 1, 3 μs (MM)
10, 30, 100, 300 ns, 1, 3, 10 μs (SM)
Distance range 250 m – 32 km (MM); 250 m – 208 km (SM)
Sampling Points up to 16,000
Group Index of Refraction 1.4000 – 1.6000
Linearity ±0.05 dB/dB (typical)
Loss Threshold ±0.05 dB/dB
Loss Resolution 0.05 dB
Reflectance Accuracy 0.01 dB
Data Storage
File Format Bellcore GR-196 Version 1.1
File Storage Internal non-volatile memory, removable CompactFlash Card (not included), and USB Flash Drive
Storage Capacity >100 internal; CompactFlash or USB Flash Drive
File Transfer USB 1.1, CompactFlash or Mini USB Cable with ActiveSync
Visual Fault Locator
Emitter Type Laser
Wavelength 650 nm ±20 nm
Output Power (nominal) 0.8 mW
Power Li-Ion battery or 110/220 V AC power adapter
Battery Life 8 hours
Recharge Time 3 hours
Operating Temperature –10 °C to +50 °C
Size 230 × 110 × 70 mm / 8.8 × 4.3 × 2.8 in
Weight 0.9 kg / 2 lb

Fujikura AFL NOYES M200-25 OTDR Package Contents

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Unit (1 pc.)
  • 110/220 V AC power adapter (1 pc.)
  • Carrying case (1 pc.)
  • User guide (1 pc.)

Reflectometer dynamic range 

22 dB 

26 dB 

Reflectometer wave length 

850 nm 

1310 nm 

1550 nm 

Reflectometer fiber type 



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