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Network Toner & Probe Kit Pro'sKit MT-7071K

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USD 130,00
ID: 861889  |  Weight: 1.8 kg  |  Warranty: 6 month (s)
Availability in stock: HK EU CN   |   Notify when in stock

Network Toner & Probe Kit Pro'sKit MT-7071K - description: 

Pro'sKit MT-7071K Network Toner & Probe Kit is used for all installation and maintenance fields of telecommunication, networking, datacom, Audio/Video, cable TV, and all weather cabling, etc.


  • Cable Length Measurement up to 1200 m
    • Measuring cable length to opens up to 1200 m. Calibration accuracy: ±3%
    • Length measurement in feet, yards or meters
  • Calibration Parameters
    • Can determine actual calibration parameters with known length of cable for cable length test
    • Allows setting 1-7 calibration parameters
  • Wire Tracing up to 3 km
    • The tone and probe kit allows easy tracking wire directly in connection with live telecommunication equipment and router
  • Cable Mapping & Status Indication
    • Display the result of pin to pin cable mapping
    • Display cable status and troubleshoot wiring for continuity, shorts, opens and crossover.
    • Max support of up to 8 remote units
  • Non Contact Voltage Detection
    • Tests voltage from 90 ~ 1000V, special design to make sure the power is off before testing for circuit protection

Technical Specifications

Toner Specifications
Cable types RJ45 Lan cable Cat 5、5e、6、7 (UTP/STP)、RJ11/12 Telephone cable Cat 3 (2/4/6 pin)、Coaxial cable & normal solid/stranded wire
Cable test modes 1 KHz two-note tones for location and isolating cables, wire mapping for validate (detects wire continuity, shorts, opens, miswired, crossover) and open length tested
Measurement technology Cable capacitance method
Max. distance to opens for test 1,200 meters (4,000 feet/1,300 yard)
Min. distance to opens for test Split pairs:1 meter (3 feet)、Other cable:1.25 meter (4 feet)
Typical accuracy of length test ±3.0% (±0.5 meter/ ±1.5 feet/ ±0.5 yard)
Calibration accuracy of length test ±2.0% (±0.5 meter/ ±1.5 feet/ ±0.5 yard), standard cable >10 meter
Resolution & Unit of length test 0.1 meter/ feet/ yard, Rate:1~3 sec./time
Calibrating parameters memory 1~7 sets, allowing rewrite by new calibrating parameters
Max. distance of transmission & cable map ≧3 km (1 kHz) & 300 m
Other functions Continuity test, live telecommunication equipment test and router test, voltage protection AC 60V or DC 48V, Auto power off, Low battery display
Dimensions (L×W×D) 138×80×35 mm
Receiver Specifications
Signal status indication 1 kHz , 1 LED & Buzzer, bulding ear jack
NCV indication & LED illumination 1 LED (AC90~1000V) & 1 LED
Dimensions (L×W×D) 198×45×33 mm
Remote Unit Specifications
Compatible connectors RJ45 (8 pin)、RJ11/12 (6 pin)、BNC connectors
Dimensions (L×W×D) 90×32×30 mm

Package Contents

  • Toner — 1 pc.
  • Receiver — 1 pc.
  • Remote unit — 1+8 pcs.
  • RJ45 cable patch cord — 1 pc.
  • RJ11/12 cable patch cord — 1 pc.
  • Alligator clips patch cord — 1 pc.
  • Earphones — 1 pc.
  • Pouch bag — 1 pc.
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