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Electronic Maintenance Tool Kit Pro'sKit 1PK-9385B

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USD 160,00
ID: 7506  |  Weight: 5.8 kg
Availability in stock: HK EU CN   |   Notify when in stock

Electronic Maintenance Tool Kit Pro'sKit 1PK-9385B - description: 

Pro'sKit 1PK-9385B is a professional tool kit, designed for electricians and engineers.


  • Soldering Voltage: 220~240 V.
  • Case size: 440x320x110 mm.
  • Weight: 5.02 kg
  • Standard Pug: A

Contents & Specifications

Pro'sKit 1PK-258A Side cutter 125 mm
Pro'sKit 1PK-258B Long nose plier 138 mm
Pro'sKit 9S002A/B/C 3 pcs soldering aid tools
Pro'sKit 1PK-709DS Dual color long nose plier 165 mm
Pro'sKit 8PK-BL002 Cabling splicing knife
Pro'sKit 1PK-H028 Adjustable wrench 8"
Pro'sKit 1PK-SC109B Quick heat ceramic soldering iron 220V
Pro'sKit 3PK-8200G DMM with mechanical prevent mistaken operation
Pro'sKit 89101A Line color screwdriver 3.2x75 mm
Pro'sKit 89101B Line color screwdriver #0x75 mm
Pro'sKit 89102B Line color screwdriver #1x75 mm
Pro'sKit 89105A

Line color screwdriver 3.2x100 mm

Pro'sKit 89107A Line color screwdriver 6.0x100 mm
Pro'sKit 89120A Line color screwdriver 6.0x38 mm
Pro'sKit 89120B Line color screwdriver #2x38 mm
Pro'sKit 89122A Line color screwdriver 8.0x150 mm
Pro'sKit 8PK-031B Desoldering wick
Pro'sKit 8PK-2061 6 pcs electronic screwdriver set
Pro'sKit 8PK-CT009/A Multi-purpose crimping tool (metric)
Pro'sKit 9FL-005 Mini flash light
Pro'sKit 9R006 Steel ruler 6"
Pro'sKit 9S001 Solder core 63%, SN
Pro'sKit DP-366P Desoldering pump
Pro'sKit 9SD055N Super torque ratchet handle
Pro'sKit 9SD055N-HA/HB 4 pcs. Hex driver blades: 1.5, 2, 3, 4 mm (metric)
Pro'sKit 9SD055N-NA/NB 7 pcs nut driver blares: 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 mm (metric)
Pro'sKit 9SD055-T10 Driver blade T10
Pro'sKit 9SD055-T15 Driver blade T15
Pro'sKit 9SD057P Double ended screwdriver 3 mm/#0
Pro'sKit DK-2047N Electrician's scissors
Pro'sKit HW-608A/B 10 pcs electronic combination wrench (metric)
Pro'sKit MS-391 Inspection mirroe
Pro'sKit 9PK-9385 Pallet for 1PK-9385 serious
Pro'sKit 9PK-9385 Top pallet for 1PK-9385 serious
Pro'sKit 8PK-2002ES Deluxe carry bag with 2 pallets of 1PK-9383

Tool kit with case type 

Electronic maintenance 

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