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Cell Phone Repair (Reballing) Kit Jovy Systems JV-RKC

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USD 43,00
ID: 815443  |  Weight: 0.25 kg
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Cell Phone Repair (Reballing) Kit Jovy Systems JV-RKC - description: 

Download additional information about Jovy Systems JV-RKC Cell Phone Repair (Reballing) Kit.

This reballing kit includes 55 BGA stencils specially designed to repair components of most popular models, pallet spatula for BGA paste application and stencil holder.

Features of Jovy Systems JV-RKC Cell Phone Repair (Reballing) Kit

Jovy Systems JV-RKC Cell Phone Repair (Reballing) Kit – Package Content

  • Stencil Holder
  • Pallet spatula for BGA paste application
  • Set of BGA reballing stencils:
    1. 7650 RAM CDMAX350
    2. 708J T39 CPU
    3. V680CPU
    4. T30 MF T39/8310 FLASH
    5. 7210 MF 7210/7250/6100 FLASH
    6. S308 AF 7650 CPU
    7. MSM3100 CPU A760 CPU
    8. 3208C3B FLASH A760 UEM
    9. 998 MF/L2000 UEM 3310/3210 FLASH 998/V66/V70 RAM
    10. 3210/8210/8850 CPU 8810 CPU
    12. GD92 FLASH GD90 FLASH
    13. T2688 RAM T2688 FLASH
    14. XIAO YI CPU A188 CPU
    15. C2588 CPU 6188 CPU
    16. LU-PS966 9110 CPU
    18. 998/T28/T18 FLASH T189/L200/928 CPU
    19. 998T191/998
    20. 3310/3210 UEM 8210/A188 FLASH
    21. CDMA 79B71 CDMA CPU
    22. 702A CPU
    23. 998CPU/Y66 UEM 3688 UEM
    24. C6688/C3508 CPU
    25. GD90 CPU NEC2100 CPU
    26. BF RFGC AP-A102/LU-PS966 CPU
    27. V70 FLASH L2000/T191/6210 FLASH
    28. V70 V70
    29. 8210 UEM/3310/8210 RF 3110/8850/821- CHARGE IC
    30. T28/T29 CPU 8310 UEM
    31. 600/800 FLASH N188/N288 CPU
    32. V66/V60 CPU V66 FLASH
    33. 808 FKASH 6188 DSP
    34. V208 VIDEOTAPE C55 FLASH
    35. CECH16 NC P20
    36. T618 RF E700 FLASH
    37. C55 CPU V3 FLASH
    38. 7688 FLASH 3510 CPU
    39. T618 FLASH EPSON
    40. 6055 CPU GD55 FLASH
    41. N100 CPU E630 CPU
    42. NEC616 FLASH 9500 RAM
    43. N8 FLASH 7260 CPU
    44. E680 FLASH E708 UEM
    45. 3220 CPU 3220 MF
    46. T618 CHARGE IC E680 FLASH
    47. NEC68821 A328 AF
    48. A620 UEM AIT800G
    49. 62301 MF 3220 MF
    50. 6230 UEM 6230 CPU
    51. 7610 CPU 7250 CPU
    52. 6030 UEM 6630 UEM
    53. 6230 RAM 3220 FLASH
    54. 7650 CPU 7260 CPU
    55. 6210 FLASH 7650 MF
7650 RAM CDMAX350 BGA stencil 708J T39 CPU BGA stencil
T30 MF T39/8310 FLASH BGA stencil 7210 MF 7210/7250/6100 FLASH BGA stencil
S308 AF 7650 CPU BGA stencil MSM3100 CPU A760 CPU BGA stencil
3208C3B FLASH A760 UEM BGA stencil 998 MF/L2000 UEM 3310/3210 FLASH 998/V66/V70 RAM BGA stencil
3210/8210/8850 CPU 8810 CPU BGA stencil ALCATEL FLASH ALCATEL AF BGA stencil
GD92 FLASH GD90 FLASH BGA stencil C2588 CPU 6188 CPU BGA stencil
LU-PS966 9110 CPU BGA stencil T28 UEM VTECH SERIES BGA stencil
998/T28/T18 FLASH T189/L200/928 CPU BGA stencil 998T191/998 BGA stencil
3310/3210 UEM 8210/A188 FLASH BGA stencil CDMA 79B71 CDMA CPU BGA stencil
702A CPU BGA stencil 998CPU/Y66 UEM 3688 UEM BGA stencil
C6688/C3508 CPU BGA stencil GD90 CPU NEC2100 CPU BGA stencil BF RFGC AP-A102/LU-PS966 CPU BGA stencil 8210 UEM/3310/8210 RF 3110/8850/821- CHARGE IC BGA stencil
600/800 FLASH N188/N288 CPU BGA stencil CECH16 NC P20 BGA stencil
C55 CPU V3 FLASH BGA stencil 7688 FLASH 3510 CPU BGA stencil
T618 FLASH EPSON BGA stencil 6055 CPU GD55 FLASH BGA stencil
N100 CPU E630 CPU BGA stencil NEC616 FLASH 9500 RAM BGA stencil
E680 FLASH E708 UEM BGA stencil 3220 CPU 3220 MF BGA stencil
T618 CHARGE IC E680 FLASH BGA stencil NEC68821 A328 AF BGA stencil
A620 UEM AIT800G BGA stencil 62301 MF 3220 MF BGA stencil
6230 UEM 6230 CPU BGA stencil 6230 RAM 3220 FLASH BGA stencil
7650 CPU 7260 CPU BGA stencil
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