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Artec Principles of Electric Current

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ID: 864073  |  Weight: 0.22 kg

Artec Principles of Electric Current - description: 

Artec Blocks Principles of Electric Current is a universal construction kit for individual assembly that allows to experiment with the properties of an electromagnet after assembling it. Check the polarity and strength of the electromagnet or assemble a motor. This kit and study guide is perfect for classroom lessons, homeschool settings, and even for an educational afternoon activity.

Usage Guidelines

Using the included study guide, assemble this construction kit. No wiring is necessary. Just connect the enameled wires and you can start experimenting.


  • Learn about polarities and strength of the electromagnet or assemble a motor.
  • Great illustrated, interactive, and informative study guide included in kit.
  • Great for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related curriculum.

Technical specifications

Material plastic
Package weight 0.45 kg
Age 8+ years


Download specialized Artec software from the official website.

Package contents

  • Construction kit — 1 pc.
    • Battery holder — 1 pc.
    • Motor case — 1 pc.
    • Coil with 200 turns — 1 pc.
    • Iron core — 1 pc.
    • Connecting — 2 pcs.
    • Compass — 1 pc.
    • Enameled wire (roll) — 1 pc.
    • Sandpaper — 4 pcs.
    • Nail — 10 pcs.
    • Paper clip — 2 pcs.
    • Ferrite magnet — 1 pc.
  • User guide — 1 pc.

Required Accessories

To assemble and use this model you will need the following (not included in the package) :

  • D battery — 2 pcs.

Science & experiment kit type 


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